About Dennis William Hauck

Dennis William Hauck is a researcher, author, and lecturer in consciousness studies. His primary focus is on levels of awareness and the mechanisms of transformation of consciousness. He works to document the evolution of a science of consciousness and merge various philosophical and scientific traditions into a unified theory of consciousness. He has also contributed to related areas, including psychology, the history of science, and the serious study of paranormal and mystical experiences. He is considered a leading authority on alchemy and Hermeticism. 

According to Dr. Bernard Lightman in his Companion to the History of Science: "Dennis William Hauck is a prolific author and has been at the center of efforts to institutionalize modern alchemy through a number of organizations, conferences, and journals. For Hauck, classical science has its limits, in that it can explain only our physical reality, not the deeper hidden reality from which the physical stems. He decided that alch…


Alchemergy ("al-chem-er-gee") is transformational podcasting for those looking to create real change in themselves and the world around them. In our podcasts, we focus on the merging of ancient and modern traditions and the emerging of new paradigms for our times. The principles of alchemergy have been part of depth psychology for over fifty years, and many modern thinkers have applied alchemical ideas to consciousness studies, quantum physics, addiction treatment, filmmaking, and more unexpected areas. All these are potential topics for our podcasts.

In practice, Alchemergy is the cross-union of opposites on all levels – science and religion, Eastern and Western philosophies, feminine and masculine, feeling and thinking, Soul and Spirit. The Child of the Philosophers that results from this union is the Philosopher's Stone – which the alchemists saw as a higher state of consciousness.

But achieving lasting transformation on any level is no easy task. Wishful thinking, egoc…